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The migration service on SAP HANA for clients of the SMB sector


Owing this service of the strategic data migration to SAP HANA the customer will get the opportunity to familiarize with the new features offered by this modern database platform. 

The migration will take place in the client's environment and infrastructure, on his actual data, which guarantees obtaining reliable information and indicators showing the positive impact of the new database engine on the SAP environment

The extra value for the customer is undoubtedly the ability to test the way of migration and work on a new database platform without the need for expensive investment in high price certified SAP HANA Appliance. 

The proposed service is free.

The only cost to be borne by the customer is the lease of the server for the contractual period needed to test the solution. If you purchase a server, the costs of its initial lease are withdrawn.


Service stages:


Analysis and planning

At this stage, an analysis of the current client SAP environment will be performed, as well as the discussed and planned activities aimed to migrate customer’s data to SAP HANA. A schedule and implementation project will be presented. Regarding safety considerations and ensuring the continuity of the client's business processes, the described service will be performed on test data in a separate from the production environment.



At this stage, a new server will be installed, where the SAP HANA database will finally be working. All connections required for the DMO migration will be made and migration to the final solution will be performed..


Post-migration services

Services providing new features of the SAP HANA database (in the form of small workshops) will be delivered at this stage

  • Administration tools
  • Backup / recovery tools
  • Discussing methods for implementing highly available solutions based on SAP HANA e.g. system replication and cluster solutions
  • Technical documentation of the solution


Additional services

At the request of the customer, it is possible and strongly recommended to plan and implement additional workshops, the scope of which is to be specified separately. These can be, for example:

  • Integration with backup systems
  • HA / DR design for SAP HANA, also based on the Hybrid IT architecture
  • Virtualization using hyperconvergent architecture for SAP


Customer values associated with the service

  • Possibility to test the behavior of the SAP system on a new database platform using a real customer data
  • Opportunity to learn the SAP HANA database and its behavior in the existing customer infrastructure
  • The ability to learn about the latest market trends in the field of virtualization, high availability and methods of data protection.