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SAP services



  • SAP NetWeaver


Upgrade & patching

  • SAP HANA patching and upgrade
  • OS patching (SLES 4 SAP, Red Hat) and upgrade


A copy of the system

  • creation, implementation of the backup policystrategy
  • solutions both on premise and in the cloud



  • creating a comprehensive SAP migration plan from both existing databases to SAP HANA and from hpux, AIX to Linux
  • migration between platforms - a service that allows you to familiarize yourself with the new SAP HANA capabilities in the client's environment
  • virtualization of the SAP HANA database layer and the application NetWeaver depending on the client's needs and expectations
  • the migration project will be carried out by certified SAP OS / DB migration and VMware VCP consultants



  • system sizing - both SAP HANA database and the rest of the applictaion environment


Platform planning - HA / DR

  • preparation of a modern SAP HANA platform with HA / DR and cluster solutions.
  • preparation of a modern SAP NetWeaver platform with HA / DR and cluster solutions
  • preparation of High Level Design and Low Level Design documentation of the entire SAP environment


Planning of modern analytical solutions using the capabilities offered by Big Data using SAP Vora software

    • preparation of a modern analytical platform design based on SAP HANA, SAP Vora and Hadoop.
    • creating a modern analytical platform - a service that allows you to familiarization with the new SAP HANA, SAP Vora and Hadoop capabilities in the client's environment

The service will be provided by certified SAP and Hortonworks consultants.


Information security in SAP systems:

  • discussing issues related to system and information security with the customer
  • proposition of changes in the environment, jointtogether with the development of an information security policy
  • implementation of a jointlytogether developed information security policy in the customer's SAP systems


PreSales services

  • help in designing SAP environment solution on a specific hardware platform, using hybrid IT offered mechanisms.